its-all-about-popular asked:

Lilac, coconut, plum!

lilac - why / how i started following you - brendoatthedisco posted a thing that was like “follow the person I reblogged this from!” And so I looked at your blog and saw all of the Broadway Musical stuff and was sold! :)

coconut - a blog that reminds me of yours - hmm.. Kind of pearly-words and also (more the person than the blog) intensedejavu. OH WAIT NAW. gabriell-irene she’s fab

plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog - Popular from Wicked! :)

(Sorry that took so long! I fell asleep.)

It’s September 1st!


I gotta get back to Hogwarts! I gotta get back to school! Gotta get myself to Hogwarts, where everybody knows I’m cool.


Back to witches and wizards, and magical beasts! To goblins and ghosts, and to magical feasts!  It’s all that I love, and it’s all that I need. Hogwarts, Hogwarts! I think I’m going back